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Matses Expedition
17 days

We are going to Matses National Reserve, one of the most remote and inaccessible places for most tourists. Territory of the mysterious feline tribe “Los Matses”.

Called “The cat men or the bearded men” shares the Spanish chroniclers of the XVI century.

In 1654, the Jesuit missionaries established the first mission called “San Ignacio de los Barbudos”, located on the right bank of the Huallaga River.

The Matses belong to the Pano linguistic family, as do the Matis, Marutos, Korubos, Shipibos, among others.

People who were chased, then enslaved during the rubber boom in the early twentieth century.

Warrior ethnicity, with a cosmovision imprinted on the beings of their Amazonian nature, plants and animals have a very important relationship with their spiritual world.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the Matses Community is estimated at 2,300 individuals.

The Matsés territory is located in the region bounded by the rivers of Yavari (Javari in Portuguese), and Galvez Chobayacu Peru’s border with Brazil.


  • B = breakfast, L = lunch or cold snack, D = dinner
  • B-L-D


Day 1: Lima

Arrival at the capital. Welcome by our local team, then transfer to our hotel located in the modern Miraflores district. Night at the hotel.

Day 2: Lima – Iquitos

Transfer to the airport to board the Lima / Iquitos flight (+ – 1 hour flight). Arrived at Iquitos, the capital of the Loreto department (the largest in extension of all the departments of Peru, with an area of ​​368,851 km², or 29% of the national area), transfer to our hotel. Night at the hotel.

Day 3: Iquitos – Village of Angamos

Transfer from the hotel to the military base of Iquitos. We take a light plane (Cessna) or a seaplane (departures: Tuesday and Thursday) in the direction of the village of Angamos (on the border with Brazil). Meet the native Matses. Overnight in Angamos.

Day 4/5: Village of Angamos – Native Commutinity Buen Peru Galvez River

Organization of provisions and logistics to initiate navigation. We take a motor boat (09 hrs of navigation) to arrive at La Réserve Matses, one of the least explored areas of the Amazon. We observe many birds. Arrival at the last Community of the Galvez River, the Community of Buen Peru. Reception of our guests, accommodation in a house typical of the community. We live with an indigenous community far from any civilization. Food harvesting from small auto-cultivation farms which for each family, cassava plantations (more than 30 varieties), sweet potatoes, banana, corn, papaya, pineapple, beans. Apart from hunting, fishing, and collecting wild fruits. Demonstration of weaving baskets for transporting crops. Community elementary school visit:

1 / We interact with Matses children by doing lessons in Matses language and English / French languages.

2 / We can offer notebooks, pens, even a European documentary presentation for children. Night in a typical house.

Day 6-10: Rio Galvez Community – Maloca

We take the motor boat (05 hrs navigation) by the Loboyacu River to La Maloca, the communal house of the ancient Matses. We visit a traditional family, far from the central village.On this stage, we will carry out the following activities:

– We will listen to ancient stories of their culture, told by the ancient Matses

– Learn about their customs, culture and way of life.- Steps through the primary forest.

– Identification of medicinal plants

– Demonstration of how to use lianas called “water cord” to obtain and drink drinking water, 100% natural origin- Pirañas (Serrasalmus natteri) fishing and other species such as Zungaro (Zungaro), Carashama (Pseudorinelepis genibarbi)

– Primitive fishing with the “Barbasco”, (Lonchocarpus utilis) toxic plant

– Demonstration of how to use bows and arrows for hunting

– Night exploration in search of the giant arboreal frog or monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor)

– Demonstration of the mode of extraction of the frog’s venom, ancestral tradition used by this ethnic group

– Medicine of the Frog or Kambo “Acate”

Optional: it is a rather special shamanic ritual of purification which works on the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual planes. A physical experience, followed by feelings of relief, of restoration of itself: “You feel that of fire traversing your body, a flame which goes from the toes of the feet and reaches up to the head”Kambo treats inflammation in general, fatigue, headache, asthma, allergies of all types, diabetes, stress, irregular menstruation, cirrhosis, anxiety attack.

– Tobacco or “néné” ceremonyOptional: Ritual of absorption of tobacco sprayed through the nose.

– Purchase or barter of authentic crafts and weapons (optional)

– Overnight in camp, in the area belonging to the Maloca

Day 11: Maloca – Matses Refuge

Departure by motor boat by the Loboyacu river, up to the Matanza river.We observe wildlife. Night in a Matses refuge.

Day 12-13: Matses Refuge – Forest Camp – Village of Requena

We walk in the primary forest to the village of Requena (50 km), we cross a well-marked path, pierced by lush vegetation, streams.Night in camp in the forest.

Day 14: Village of Requena – City of Nauta – City of Iquitos

Arrival on foot in the village of Requena.We take a public river transport (public called “deslizador”) from Requena to the city of Nauta (03 hours of navigation).Land transfer from Nauta to the city of Iquitos (2 Hrs drive)Arrived at the departmental capital, Iquitos around 6:00 p.m.Transfer to our hotel.

Day 15: Iquitos

Buffer day

Day 16: Iquitos – Lima

Transfer to the airport to board the Iquitos / Lima flight (+ – 1 hour flight). Arrived in Lima, transfer to our hotel. Night at the hotel.

Day 17: Lima – Out

Transfer to the airport to board the Lima /… flight


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Private Service Price

Base 02 paxs 03/04 paxs 05/07 paxs 08/11 paxs
Price per pax 3,770 usd 2,980 usd 2,580 usd 2,190 usd


Important information

Price includes

  • Hotel / Hostal 3 * or similar (cities of Lima and Iquitos), based on double room + breakfast
  • Modest accommodation in the village of Angamos (Day 03)
  • Overnight homestay in the village of Buen Peru (Days 04 and 05)
  • Camp next to the Maloca (Days 06 and 10)
  • Matses Refuge (Day 11)
  • Camp in the forest (Day 12 and 13)
  • Transfers indicated
  • Iquitos / Angamos village flight ticket
  • Excursions, activities and visits mentioned- Ceremonies mentioned
  • Mosquito nets and sheets
  • Motor boat (Matses team)
  • Tkt of public river transport from Requena to Nauta
  • Land transport from Nauta to Iquitos
  • Full board for shipping (see B-L-D)
  • Purified water
  • Entrance permit to the Matses National Reserve
  • Entry permit to the Matses Community and to the Maloca
  • Matses indigenous guides
  • French / English speaking tour leader in private service

Price not included

  • Services not mentioned.
  • Personal expenses, drinks and tip.
  • Lima / Iquitos / Lima airfare = 02 coupons
  • Meals not mentioned.
  • Light sleeping mat.
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