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5 tour packages to explore

Cusco , old capital of the Inca Empire.

Near, we find the marvellous site of Machu Pichu, which in Quechua means “Old Mountain”, and hundreds of archaeological ruins such as the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, Tambomachay and Maras Moray, the fabulous archaeological complex of Choquequirao, which in Quechua means “Cradle of Gold”.                           

The Inca Valley; fertile land, a network of Inca roads, Andean villages with friendly locals, keeping to their traditions, tilling the soil, with their Andean cosmovision.

Today, Cuzco is the tourist capital of Peru, with the best hotels, restaurants and a great cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Cuzco is part of the Unforgettable Peru tour.

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14 days $ 1,690.00

Peru Unforgettable
14 days

17 days $ 2,030.00

17 days

17 days $ 2,030.00

17 days

19 days $ 3,310.00

MTB Peru
19 days

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