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1.1       RegistrationYou can register with our agency either by phone, via email or via our website. This registration implies acceptance of the conditions of sale. All registrations must be accompanied by a pre-deposit of 30 % of the total price of the trip per person. At this time, the Client File will be opened.

1.2       Payment

An invoice will be sent to the client within 3 days following registration. The balance payment of the trip must be made no later than 30 days before the date of departure, in cash, by bank credit card or by bank draft payable to Trek Altitude.


2.1       Documentation

For all our trips, participants must be in possession of all documents required by the authorities of the country visited or the country in transit, such as passport, parental authorization, visas, vaccines, etc.

2.2       Security

We advise our French-speaking clients to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (www.diplomatie.gouv.fr) in order to ascertain the geopolitical, health and climatic situations of the country or countries visited.


3.1       Made by the Client

Any request to modify the Client File (change of date, participants, airport, benefits, etc.) must be made in writing. Any modification carries a cost of 100 USD per person. This cost is not covered by the “cancellation” option.

3.2       Made by Trek Altitude

Events outside the control of Trek Altitude may impose, before departure, modification of the trip (e.g.: security reasons or cases of force majeure). If such is the case, Trek Altitude will inform the participants as quickly as posible.


4.1       Made by the Client

If the client is forced to cancel his trip, Trek Altitude and the insurance company should be informed as soon as posible by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. The date of receipt by Trek Altitude will be considered as the cancellation date for the purpose of calculating the cancellation fees.

4.2       Cancellation fees:

More than 60 days of departure: 5% of the trip amount.

More than 60 days before departure:   10% of the total value of the package per person.

60 to 31 days before departure:           25% of the total value of the package per person.

30 to 21 days before departure:           35% of the total value of the package per person.

20 to 14 days before departure:           50% of the total value of the package per person.

13 to 7 days before departure:             75% of the total value of the package per person.

Less than 7 days before departure:     100% of the total value of the package per person.


Please advise Trek Altitude if you hold an international insurance policy or if you wish to have any of the following policies:

  • Travel insurance
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Multi-risk insurance

Subscription of any insurance policy must be done at the moment of reservation.

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