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Community Shipibo Konibo

The Shipibo-Konibo people are an ethnic group of the Peruvian Amazon that is distributed along the Ucayali River and its tributaries.

Currently, mainly located in Pucallpa; the river capital of the department of Ucayali.

The origin of the Shipibo-Konibo people is the result of a set of cultural fusions between three groups that were previously distinct from each other: the Shipibos, the Konibos and the Shetebos.

They are part of the Pano linguistic family.

The Shipibo-Konibo peoples maintained trade relations with the Andean peoples since pre-Inca times, from the V century.

It is also known that they had commercial exchanges with other Pano-speaking Amazonian peoples, including the Tupi-Guarani-speaking Amazonian peoples.

The Shipibo-Konibo ethnic group is a millenary culture, with a wealth of cultural expressions, ancestral knowledge and a language closely related to the wisdom of nature.

From the hand of our friend, Pablo Chai, member from the Santa Clara of Yarinacocha Community, we present a circuit entitled Shipibos-Konibos Healing Songs, it is an introduction to the Shipiba culture, the ancestral knowledge, and the experience of the healing songs, songs harmonized by a wise man called Meraya.

Traditionally, Shipibos Healing Songs are songs of legitimate love, songs offered by a Meraya to a patient or a friend.

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