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Destination Chachapoyas gocta

Ancient cradle of the Chachapoyas culture, the city was submitted to the Inca Empire in the s. XV and later, after the conquest, was again founded by the Spaniards with the name of San Juan de la Frontera of the Chachapoyas by Alonso de Alvarado in 1538, since that time they date its Plaza de Armas and the small cobbled streets that are preserved until the news It was thought to be constituted as the capital of the Peruvian east from the right margin of the Marañón River to the borders with the border nations. In 1821 the Peruvian patriots defeated the royalists, becoming immediately (1832) the capital of one of the first departments. It is the episcopal seat. Highlights its memorable library. The city still maintains, in its constructions, the colonial character of the same. The descendants of the Chachapoyas culture were divided into small groups and taken to various towns. The town that is known by history and by events is the town called Jalca. It is said that in the town of La Jalca there was a descendant of the monarch who bears the surname Chachapoyas or Sachapuyo that derives from Quechua (man of the clouds). These Chachapoyas fled from the mistreatment they received from the Spaniards and went to the department of Cajamarca where they currently live in the Province of Cutervo, district of Querocotillo.

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