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Destination Ayacucho wari

Ayacucho (founded as San Juan de la Frontera de Huamanga and also known as Huamanga) is a city in Peru, capital of the province of Huamanga and the department of Ayacucho. It is located on the eastern slope of the Andes at an altitude of 2761 meters above sea level and is characterized by a temperate and dry climate, with solar brightness all year round. It is one of the most remarkable architectural and artistic ensembles in Peru. It is known as the “City of Churches” for its numerous colonial temples, and as “City of Majesty” for its architecture, tradition and art, the city is famous both nationally and internationally thanks to its handicrafts, motif for which it was declared as “Capital of Popular Art and Crafts of Peru”. Highlight the alabaster carvings (material known in the area as Huamanga stone), pottery-especially the bulls and churches of Quinua-the filigree of the Santa Ana neighborhood and mainly the listed Ayacucho altarpieces In honor of this Peruvian city and the battle of independence occurred in its soil, the Andean countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, re-found each one a city and renamed it ‘Ayacucho’.It is a city of very high Catholic fervor.It has more than thirty temples Viceroyal Renaissance style, baroque and mestizo, which keep inside real works of art as paintings, images and altarpieces carved in wood and bathed in gold leaf. In addition, you can see colonial mansions, archaeological remains and artistic manifestations that reveal a historical past and a still current and attractive tradition.It also stands out for its music and festivities, such as carnivals and especially Holy Week, both declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation. The latter is considered to be the second most important in the world, as far as the celebration of Holy Week is concerned.

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