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Nor Yauyos Cocha Lansdcape Reserve

The first Landscape Reserve of Peru, founded in 2001.

Keep beautiful attractions, a natural beauty that blends perfectly with the terraces of culture.

Beautiful Quechua and Aymara villages and Aymara agricultural and livestock.

A mountain God, the Pariacaca, pre Inca deity, revered by various pre-Inca cultures of the coast and the mountains.

Well-carved Inca roads, a spectacular place, full of stone steps (called escaleyaroc) that lead directly to the oracle.

The Pariacaca was a “God”, an “Apu”, Lord of the rains and fertility, an Oracle.

At the foot of the “Apu” we find the cave paintings of Cuchimachay. The conqueror Pizarro passed through these Inca roads along with his troops to found Lima, the City of the Kings.

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