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Chiclayo is a city in northwestern Peru, capital of the homonymous province and the department of Lambayeque. It was founded with the name of “Santa María de los Valles de Chiclayo”. It is located 13 kilometers from the Pacific coast and almost 770 kilometers from the capital of the country, being the fourth most populated city in the country, officially reaching according to the 2017 Population Census of INEI the 799 675 inhabitants, which comprises three urban districts : Chiclayo, La Victoria and Leonardo Ortiz. The metropolitan area of ​​Chiclayo-Lambayeque includes the districts of Lambayeque, San Jose, Pimentel, Santa Rosa, Eten, Monsefu, Reque and Pomalca. It was founded by Spaniards in 1720 as a hamlet of passage and rest for merchants who covered a wide route between Zaña and Lambayeque and later elevated to the category of villa in 1827, by decree of the president marshal José de La Mar; and in 1835, during the government of the president, Colonel Felipe Santiago Salaverry was conferred the title of “Heroic City”, currently it is known as the “Capital of Friendship” given the friendly and friendly nature of its people. Chiclayo is one of the most important urban areas of Peru. It is now the fourth largest city in the country, after Lima, Arequipa and Trujillo. The city has a population of 594 7599. The city was founded near an important ancient archaeological site, the ruins of northern Wari, which constitute the remains of a city from the 7th to the 12th century Wari Empire. However, that does not remove the Mochica identity that its inhabitants describe, because the history of the city is mostly linked to this ancient and rich pre-Hispanic civilization, which has left to the world important discoveries of its great culture, such as the legendary Lord. of Sipán.

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